Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh do I now, Bert? Or should I say "Guntar"?

Ever since I completed my Ph.D., this family of spam has become all the more amusing.

Even if I did, wouldn't I want it from someone who can spell "degree"?

Fwd: You Need a Better Dergee,{} and we can Help!

From: (270) 818-XXXX Bert <>

In jus tas little as 2 *weeks* you can have a masters degree from a national university.

A better job, more income and a better life can all be yours in less than 2 weeks.

No books to buy, no classes to go to, and no entrance exams.

Learn in your own home at oyur own pace. We supply all the study materials, all you have to do is apply! Everyone is accepted!

Phone Whenever +1 (270) 818-XXXX
7 days a week


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